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The folk - song and dance group called "Jagódki", initiated on 1st April 2000, works under the  auspices of the Commune Council of Pruszcz Gdański. The group  consists of children and teenagers from this area who willingly attend the local school in Straszyn to take part in the vocal and dancing activities.

With the group work:

  • the head of the group - Barbara Biedrzycka

  • choreographer - Anna Wierzchucka-Tryksza

  • accompanist - Leszek Muchowiecki

  • vocal and solists - Daria Polanowska and Łukasz Wroński

  • music activities Małgorzata Grön

  • folk band

    • Leszek Muchowiecki
    • Daria Polanowska
    • Łukasz Wroński
    • Aneta Muchowiecka
    • Tomasz Sanner
    • Cezary Rogalski
  • wardrobe Jolanta Stefaniak

The group is made up of a dance group, vocal group and band.
"Jagódki" group presents a lot of folk songs and dances from different regions of Poland. Kashubian koseders, polkas, cracoviennes and other characteristic Polish dances are beautifully interlaced with the authentic folk lyric.
The aim of the group is not only to enjoy the time spent on music and dance, but first of all to maintain national traditions and present our folklore - the heritage of Polish culture. On the occasion of Christmas the group prepares the concerts of Polish carols and pastorals, as usually full of warm and charm.
The folk character of the group is emphasized by fabulously colourful regional costumes which remind us of the passing time. The group "Jagódki" gives concerts in Poland and abroad.